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WASH Reconstruction Intervention Round 3 Under Purnima: UK Support to Post Earthquake Recovery In Nepal

WASH Reconstruction Intervention Round 3 Under Purnima: UK Support to Post Earthquake Recovery In Nepal


The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Recovery project aims to meet the ongoing WASH needs of vulnerable and marginalized groups in disaster-affected districts in order to support their recovery. The project is implemented through an experienced consortium of International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) offering high value for money with existing presence, experience, resources, and relationships in the target areas. The project seeks to support local and national government recovery plans to build back better and more resilient and equitable water schemes and WASH infrastructure. Through these interventions the project ultimately will increase access to water; reduce the risk of WASH related diseases; improve quality of life and increase the availability of information on water sources and other related WASH components in the target areas (Shivapuri Rural Municipality vulnerable catchment areas).

Working area:

Rural municipality: 1

Number of wards: 8

Targeted Number of beneficiaries: 11675 (Shivapuri RM)

Targeted Wards:

Talakhu, Chhap, Likhu,Shikre, Mahakali, Sunakhani, Samundradevi, Thanapati


To support the recovery of people in earthquake-affected areas through an improved physical WASH facilities; an increase in promotion of safe personal, household and community hygiene and sanitation practices in order to reduce the prevalence of water borne diseases; and engaging local government and communities for long term sustainability of the water supply systems.


Vulnerable disaster-affected communities have improved sustainable access to safe and adequate drinking water and have adopted improved hygiene behaviors with improved knowledge base and capacity of local government on WASH planning, and monitoring for self-recovery.


Vulnerable disaster-affected communities have improved WASH conditions ensuring leaving no one behind.



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